Executive Council 2012-2013:
President: Robert Koeze
VP Finance: Will Werblow
VP Communications: Vanessa Chan
VP Internal: Anthony Barot
VP Events:Ally von Zadora-Gerlof & Cecily Shu Jiang
AUS Rep: Harmon Moon
U3 Rep: Sara Langmuir
U2 Rep: Christine Klippenstein
U1 Rep:Hehe Zhang
Orientations Editors-in-Chief: Hatty Liu & Christine Klippenstein

Executive Council 2009-2010:
President: Xue-Rong Jia
VP Finance: Grégoire Legault
VP Communications: Vinci Ting
VP Internal: Sophia Cho
VP External: Robert Santia
VP Events: Ju Han Chung
VP Technology: Joanna Lai
Year 3 Representative: Tyler Ehler
Year 2 Representative: Sara Mizuno
Year 1 Representatives: Robert Koeze & Liz Ludan

Executive Council 2008-2009:
President: Josh Cader
VP Internal Affairs: Ben Karl
VP Events: Verena Singmann
VP Finance: Sophia Koesell
VP Communications: Sophia Cho & Sarah Vennes-Ouellet
VP External: Jessica Tsang
Members at Large: Xue-Rong Jia (U2); Dhani Caro & Vinci Ting (U1)

Executive Council 2007-2008: Ian Williams, Matt Muma, Ben Adler, David Machinist, and Raymond Kwan

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