Orientations 8

Orientations 8


Joshua Cader

Managing Editor
Sarah Vennes-Ouellet

Editorial Collective
Dhani Caro
Xue-Rong Jia
Ben Karl
Sophia Koessel
Verena Singmann
Vinci Ting
Jessica Tsang

Graphic Design
Geoff Han

Daniel Ho

Students’ Society of McGill University
Department of East Asian Studies of McGill University
Dean of Arts Development Fund (McGill)
East Asian Studies Students’ Association of McGill University
Arts Undergraduate Society of McGill University
McGill Alumni Association
Goulet Bowker & Associates
Department of English of McGill University


Samuel Lederer
The Power of Sight: Ideology, Knowledge, and Legitimacy in the Annual Report on Reforms and Progress in Korea, 1907-1917
Page 1

Dhani Caro
Childhood’s End: Youth, Violence, Education, and the Mechanism of Japanese Neo-Liberalism
Page 16

Erina Aoyama
Ambiguity as Spectacle: Encounters with the Myth of Japanese Monoethnicity
Page 38

Ted Smith
Page 43

Stuart Agnew
Theoretical Approaches to the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula
Page 49

Verena Singmann
Changes for Taiwanese women under Japanese Colonial Rule, 1895-1945
Page 69

Albert Joern
Creating the body of a fighter and the mind of a pacifist: Concepts and principles behind Shaolin teachings
Page 90

Tim Quijano
Banned in China?: Contemporary Chinese Film, the Complicity of the Communist Party, and the Misjudgment of Western Journalism
Page 117

Plates 1-10
In Reference to The Power of Sight on p. 1-16 by Samuel Lederer
Page 60


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