Orientations 7

Orientations 2006: Transcultural Perspectives on Asia

Editor in Chief
Kenneth Hunyh

Senior Editor
Lin Suling

Karen Law


Kenneth Hunyh, Lin Suling

Evan Moses


Department of East Asian Studies, Arts Undergraduate Society, Students’ Society of McGill University

Table of Contents

The Stilwell Myth and the Nationalist Reality (7)
Victor Seow

Gulangyu Island (29)
Photos by Colin Kent

ASEANize yourself: Exploring the ASEAN Security Community (33)
Lin Suling

Tokyo Cats (51)
Photos by Lisa Malin

A Different Nostalgia: Chinese and China in Murakami Haruki’s “A Slow Boat to China” (55)
Evan Moses

Stoking the Furnace: China’s New Foreign Policy of Commodities and Energy (61)
Marc Lanteigne

Red Light and Green (67)
Photos by Michael Duong

Crossing Oceans Faster Than the Speed of Sound: Technology, Japanese Popular Music, and the North American Anime Community (73)
Karen Law

China/town (85)
Photos by Evan Moses

Capitalism in Southeast Asia: Uniquely Phenomenal or Epiphenomenal? (89)
Arnav Manchanda

From a Cosmological-Correlative System of Thought to a Bio-Scientific One in the Constriction of Gender Identity (97)
Jerome Yip


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