Orientations 2: Summer

Orientations: Transcultural Perspectives on Asia, Volume 2: Summer,
in cooperation with McGill University


27 The Noraebang Phenomenon in South Korea, by Joseph Sul
3 South Indian Music Soothes the Soul not the Stereotypes, by Farah Malik

36 The Pursuit of Japanese Identity: The Mother Figure in Shohei Imamura’s The Pornographers, by Edeline Lee
29 Judeo-Christian and Chinese Notions of Millenarianism, by Edeline Lee
32 Courtesan, Literati, and Scholarship: Report on the Courtesan Culture in Late Imperial China, by Lil Xiaorong
40 Why Military Logistics Matters? A Glance at the Song’s imperial Ordnance Industry (960-1279 C.E.), by Alvin Cheung

In First Person
18 Canadian Pearls: An Expose on Filipina-Canadian Post-Immigration, by Angely M Q Pacis

16 Untitled, by Jackie To
5 Phillip the English Crusader, by Geoffrey  Han

23 Entering Territories, by Pao-Quang Yeh

The Briefcase
9 Failed States: A Casual Inter-relation of Economics and Security in South East Asia, by Costa Pappas

Three Questions
45 With Yung Chang, Chinese-Canadian Filmmaker, by Geoffrey Han

Editorial Collective
Jamaica Corker
Geoffrey Han
Daniel Sze-hin Ho
Angely M.Q. Pacis (Co-founder)
Wen Lee Soo
C.M. Stecura (Co-founder)

Lay-out and Design
Rebecca Catching

Cover Design
Timothy McEvenue
Bao Nghi-Nhan

Jonathan Chang & Shan Wickramasinghe

Academic Advisory Committee
Chen Zhongping, Tom Looser and Jim T homas

Thank You To:
Arts Undergraduate Society
Department of East Asian Studies
The Drafting Clinic Canada Ltd
East Asian Studies Graduate Student Society
Microplus Services
McGill Alumni Fund
Student’s Society of McGill University
Tutto Pasta

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From the Editorial Collective
Orientations seeks to forge a dynamic space for genuine discourse, for voices to be expressed and to be heard.  We strive to create and to establish a community linking diverse voices and groups, where all can contribute to discussions concerning Asia, to offer perspectives on or from Asia, and to recognize the contemporary relevance of Asia as well as the Asian Diaspora.

We are committed to a post-colonial outlook and to the promotion of contemporary developments.  In particular, we attempt to provide an opening for traditionally marginalized groups and voices of Asians including women, youth, queer, immigrants, artists, activists, frustrated intellectuals and others, so that there may not only be contact but understanding.

But we do not neglect academia for we are situated at McGill University, and both the undergraduate and graduate student bodies are integral parts of this community.  Furthermore, we believe that the following academic journal practices and current print publishing techniques-whilst representing diverse views-is certainly a way of ensuring the success of this community and its communal venture as a significant academic and public resource concerning Asia.

What’s in a name?
In the continuation of a name, we are not so forthright as to assume a single representative position on academic discourse concerning Orientalism.  In fact, it is the pursuit of divergent and often contradictory Asian narratives that is our objective.  Hence, the view expressed on the following pages are not representative of those on the Editorial Collective.


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