Orientations 2 : Spring

Orientations, Volume 2: Revival Edition, Spring 1999,
McGill University – Journal of East Asian Studies


The Briefcase
2 Public Gone Private: China’s State Owned Enterprises, by Angely M.Q. Pacis

Discussion Papers
4 Netsuke, by R.M. Giverin
10 The Reinterpretation of Geisha: The Integration of the Japanese and Western Perspectives

Photo Essay
Untitled, by Wen Le Soo

First Person
A Summer Experience: China 998, by Michelle Ramien


Angely M.Q. Pacis
Christine Marie Stecura

layout editor
Jason Sigurdson

Jamaica Corker
Ruth M. Givern
Michelle Ramien
Wen Lee Soo
Reiko Yoshida

Orientations is a production made possible by the East Asian Students’ Society, with great assistance from the McGill University Centre for East Asian Research.

The editors would like to thank the East Asian Studies Students’ Society and the McGill University Centre for East Asian Research for their invaluable support and advice.  As well, without the encouragement from students and professors that continue to inspire and challenge us, this project would not have been possible.


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