Volume 8
Summer 2009


Samuel Lederer
The Power of Sight: Ideology, Kowledge, and Legitimacy in the Annual Report on Reforms and Progress in Korea, 1907-1917
Page 1

Dhani Caro
Childhood’s End: Youth, Violence, Education, and the Mechanism of Japanese Neo-Liberalism
Page 16

Erina Aoyama
Ambiguity as Spectacle: Encounters with the Myth of Japanese Monoethnicity
Page 38

Ted Smith
Page 43

Stuart Agnew
Theoretical Approaches to the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula
Page 49

Verena Singmann
Changes for Taiwanese women under Japanese Colonial Rule, 1895-1945
Page 69

Albert Joern
Creating the body of a fighter and the mind of a pacifist: Concepts and principles behind Shaolin teachings
Page 90

Tim Quijano
Banned in China?: Contemporary Chinese Film, the Complicity of the Communist Party, and the Misjudgment of Western Journalism
Page 117

Plates 1-10
In Reference to The Power of Sight on p. 1-16 by Samuel Lederer
Page 60

Orientations: Transcultural Perspectives on Asia, Issue 7

The Stilwell Myth and the Nationalist Reality (7)
Victor Seow

Gulangyu Island (29)
Photos by Colin Kent

ASEANize yourself: Exploring the ASEAN Security Community (33)
Lin Suling

Tokyo Cats (51)
Photos by Lisa Malin

A Different Nostalgia: Chinese and China in Murakami Haruki’s “A Slow Boat to China” (55)
Evan Moses

Stoking the Furnace: China’s New Foreign Policy of Commodities and Energy (61)
Marc Lanteigne

Red Light and Green (67)
Photos by Michael Duong

Crossing Oceans Faster Than the Speed of Sound: Technology, Japanese Popular Music, and the North American Anime Community (73)
Karen Law

China/town (85)
Photos by Evan Moses

Capitalism in Southeast Asia: Uniquely Phenomenal or Epiphenomenal? (89)
Arnav Manchanda

From a Cosmological-Correlative System of Thought to a Bio-Scientific One in the Constriction of Gender Identity (97)
Jerome Yip

Orientations: Transcultural Perspectives on Asia
Issue 6, 2004-2005



17 When Music Has No Message: An interview with Bright Sheng, conducted and transcribed by Bryce Kushnier
33 Interview with Wang Shu-Bo, conducted and transcribed by Zoe Li
49 Suzuki Seijun and Sound: Non-Diegetic Music and Restoring History, by Bryce Kushnier
73 The Road Home Starting from Titanic: Visualizing Cultural Hybridity and Problematic of Chinese National Cinema, by Hui Xiao (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
97 Documents on the Tai Shan Pilgrim, by Vlado Šestan, trans. Ljiljana Nikolic


9 Hit Me Baby One More Time: Notes from Do Re Me Karaoke Bar, San Francisco, California – Photographs by Clint Chow
25 Williamsburg: Notes from Brooklyn – Photographs by Ann Woo
41 Greenmount Senior Center for Korean-American Seniors: Notes from Rocky Mountain Trip
45 New Money: Notes from Far East Financial Center – Photographs by Geoffrey Han
59 Old Money: Notes from Kowloon Tong – Photographs by Geoffrey Han
85 Free Ad Space: Real Found Print Ads
89 Kelly, Li Ka Sheng, Teresa Tang and Yau Ming: Notes from Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong – Photographs by Geoffrey Han

Orientations: Transcultural Perspectives on Asia
Issue 5, Fall 2003 ($6.00)


22 Illustration by Gemena
28 Sexuality and the New Cultural Revolution in Contemporary China – On Post-Socialist Female Fiction, by Hongwei Lu
50 Stills Shot Off of a TV From the Film ‘Ashes of Time’ by Wong Kar-Wei, by Joyce Chan
56 Residues of Humanity: Meaning and Identity in Ashes of Time, by Johanna Haas
68 Illustration by Leif Parsons
72 Photography by Ann Woo
88 Yoko Ono and the Breaking of Barriers Through Voice, by Rositsa Mutachieva
104 Travelling through time with Yoko Ono, by Gemena
118 Facing Deformation: Character-commodities, Murakami Takashi, and our Posthuman Condition, by Mark Steinberg
134 Photography by Gemena
146 Waving Consensus Narrative in the Chinese New Year Utopia, by Miao Yu
164 Photography by Ann Woo
Orientations: transcultural perspectives on asia, vol. 4, 2002



6 Filipino Workers in Montreal Sweatshops, by Angely M.Q. Pacis
9 My Yellow Feminism, Or Perspectives of an Educated, Westernized, Politicized Asian American Woman who Refuses to be Anyone’s China Doll, by Rhea wong
11 Trials of a Boy Trying to be a Man, by Jonathan Chang
14 Interview with Xu Bing, by Daniel Sze-Hin Ho
21 Hill(Scape)ing  in Hong Kong: An Interview with Gary Hill, by Alice Ming Wai Jim
35 Modern and Hypermodern Streetscapes in Hong Kong, by Bonnie Leung
31 The Colonization of Japan: Early Meiji Cartography, by Christophe Thouny
36 Deleuze’s Images of Cinema and Kore-Eda’s Afterlife, by Adrienne Gibb
43 The Fish Market: A Short Film, by Yung Chang
53 Kaohsiung – August Images, by Vincent Roy
58 The Jindai funu Myth: Representations of the “Modern” Woman in 1930s Chinese Oil Paintings, by Adrienne Gollop
67 A New Japanese Female Voice in Pop Music: Being Post-burikko, by Bryce Kushnier
77 Post-Colonial Sounds, by Olivier Petitpas
78 Newcomer Buffets: A Wonderful Source of Food, by Takeshi Ward



Orientations: transcultural perspectives on asia, Volume 3, Summer 2001



5 Tetsuro Shigematsu: The Original Yellow Fella, by Rhea Wong



9 Hybrid Subjects: Re-reading ‘Asian American Literature’, by Leila Pourtavaf
15 Trauma, Memory and Cinema: in Fat Man & Little Boy and Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes, by Dan Ferreira
21 Adding Colour to the Mix: Music and the Question of Authenticity and Appropriation, by Franz D Hofer



26 At the End of the Day When Nothing Began: The Festival, by Matsumoto Taiyou, trans. Marc Steinberg



38 Changing Faces of Tianjin, by Sarah Roszler, Maria Durand and Cathy Willis



44 Ah Cheng and the Eight Bastards/Kings: Writings for the People- The Soap seller, My New Building, The Needle Seller, There Are Many Mountains in Heilongjiang Siblings, trans. Karl Hearne



55 Patriarchal Irony & Children’s Side-Steppings in ChinaLa Rire Patriarcal et les Dérobades Enfantines en China, by Paul Batik



59 The Enlightened Judgements: The Ch’ing-Ming Chi, by Zhang Qin



59 Lela Lee: Creator of Angry Little Asian Girl, by Cheryl Chui



66 Issa’s Moon Tears, by David Neudorfer

Orientations: Transcultural Perspectives on Asia
, Volume 2: Summer,
in cooperation with McGill University




27 The Noraebang Phenomenon in South Korea, by Joseph Sul
3 South Indian Music Soothes the Soul not the Stereotypes, by Farah Malik



36 The Pursuit of Japanese Identity: The Mother Figure in Shohei Imamura’s The Pornographers, by Edeline Lee
29 Judeo-Christian and Chinese Notions of Millenarianism, by Edeline Lee
32 Courtesan, Literati, and Scholarship: Report on the Courtesan Culture in Late Imperial China, by Lil Xiaorong
40 Why Military Logistics Matters? A Glance at the Song’s imperial Ordnance Industry (960-1279 C.E.), by Alvin Cheung



In First Person
18 Canadian Pearls: An Expose on Filipina-Canadian Post-Immigration, by Angely M Q Pacis



16 Untitled, by Jackie To
5 Phillip the English Crusader, by Geoffrey  Han



23 Entering Territories, by Pao-Quang Yeh



The Briefcase
9 Failed States: A Casual Inter-relation of Economics and Security in South East Asia, by Costa Pappas



Three Questions
45 With Yung Chang, Chinese-Canadian Filmmaker, by Geoffrey Han


Orientations, Volume 2: Revival Edition, Spring 1999,
McGill University – Journal of East Asian Studies




The Briefcase
2 Public Gone Private: China’s State Owned Enterprises, by Angely M.Q. Pacis


Discussion Papers
4 Netsuke, by R.M. Giverin
10 The Reinterpretation of Geisha: The Integration of the Japanese and Western Perspectives

Photo Essay
Untitled, by Wen Le Soo

First Person
A Summer Experience: China 998, by Michelle Ramien


orientations: Journal of East Asian Studies, Volume 1 – 1994-1995, McGill University





1 Bureaucratic Bodies: The Biopolitics of Imperial Legitimation, by Nigel Daly
31 The Two-Headed Dragon: China and the Proliferation Paradox, by Mark Lanteigne
57 The Newly Industrializing Economies of East Asia – Repudiation or Reinforcement of Dependency Theory, by Marie Josée Johnston
95 A Comparison of Policy on Entrepreneurship in Taiwan and South Korea, by Professor Leo Paul Dana


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