A visual exploration of East Asia

Eastern Asia is continuously evolving. Stranded on what one may call, a time span of eventful history, the West watches the East as it develops and flourishes like a precious lotus. What better way to capture such evolution than through both the intellectual and creative artistic eye? Truly, all art is contemporary when it was first made. Living in the now—the fleeting present—we are constantly confronted with metaphors of what was and of what will be. The image passes yet the feeling; the emotion of the felt moment lingers in the air like the subtle scent of a spice that has been blown from street to street. Is that emotion not captured so perfectly by art? Able to convey the artist’s emotion it also conveys to the viewer a feeling—an understanding of the world that is being depicted through the art piece. This art exhibition’s purpose is to collect the emotions perceived by our young students on their perception and their experiences in East Asia—mainly China, Korea and Japan. Coming from all parts of the world, each contributing in his or her own way, the ultimate goal becomes that of provoking sensation amongst the viewership: an ode of love to the East. The activity will centre itself around the exhibition of a collection of artwork (including photography, music, paintings, pottery, video compositions, and more) that are capturing the artist’s perspective or personal impressions of Eastern Asia. Moreover honours students will possibly be presenting their East Asian Studies theses to the community. The event itself is meant to expose highlights of the East Asian Studies McGill Community to the public of Montreal in collaboration with the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Centre. Accompanied by food and beverages, music, and speeches from heads of the department, the event itself is meant to entice the invitees, exposing them to a unique soiree of intellectual stimuli and harmonious energies.

– Elia Sommerlad

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