February 23rd: Events

Hi everyone,

Next week is the nomination period for EASSA executives of 2009-2010.  The voting period starts March 14.Those who are interested in running for a position must read the information below.

1) Elections
2) Waffles Sale
3) Game Night
4) EASSA Lounge
5) Trading Simulation

1) Elections

The nomination period starts the 2nd of March and ends the 6th of March 2009. Those who wants to run for a position must send a paragraph of 100 words explaining why they should be elected for that position. You can run for only one position. According to our constitution, the President must be one of the executives of the previous year. The positions are:

AUS Representative
VP Finance
VP Internal Affairs
VP Events
VP Communications
VP Academic Affairs
VP Events
Fundraising Coordinator

2) Waffles Sale

March 3, 2009 Eassa will sale Waffles in McConnell Engine. Come by at some point during the day.

3) Game Night

A Mah Jong game is organised by EAS students in room 302 in EAS building on March 13 from 4pm to 6pm. The building doors are locked at 4h30pm so make sure to arrive before that.

4) EASSA Lounge

We have been making some improvements in the undergraduate lounge in the EAS Building. If you have ideas for more improvement contact us.

5) McGill Trading Simulation

The McGill Investment Club is proud to announce that it will be hosting its 4th annual McGill Trading Simulation on Saturday March 7th.  The simulation is an exciting, fun, and educational event that will give you the unique opportunity to experience the life of a trader in a real-time trading environment. The winning team will receive some awesome prizes!

Before the competition, participants will be given a brief training session so previous experience in finance isn’t necessary.  Afterwards, we have dinner and an after party for you to conclude the perfect day.

We are also looking for Volunteers for the Trading Simulation. As a volunteer you will receive a t-shirt, free food and entrance to the after party. Volunteers will also be able to  network and learn through observation.

For more information and to register for the McGill Trading Simulation check out our website: <http://www.mcgillinvestmentclub.com/simulation>.


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