Past Events 2008-2009

Fall 2008

4th November: For its first ever movie night, EASSA screened Unknown Pleasures (任逍遥) in the AUS Arts lounge (Leacock basement). Thanks to all those who came out and brought food.

  • Unknown Pleasures (任逍遥) is a 2002 film from “Sixth Generation” Chinese director Jia Zhangke that followed three youth of the “Birth Control” generation around Datong (in Shanxi province). Links: IMDb; Wikipedia; Senses of Cinema (Jia Zhangke profile)

26th November: EASSA hosted a discussion for students interested in studying abroad.  Former students of study abroad programs and formal exchanges came out to share their experiences at different universities in East Asia and discuss the application processes.

Winter 2009

15th January: One freezing day in the middle of January, EASSA hosted a waffle sale in the lobby of Leacock and raised over a hundred dollars in support of the Orientations Vol. 8. The same day, we hosted a meet and greet in the Arts Council room with some of the EAS department’s professors.  We bonded over wine (c/o Xue-Rong) and cheese (excellent selections on the part of Ben and Sarah). It was kind of awesome, thanks to all those who came. Cheers!

16th & 30th January, 13th Feburary: A handful of undergrads met with candidates for the the professorship of Chinese Archaeology every other Friday morning to help out with the EAS department’s selection process.

13th February: Slightly used couches/chairs were dragged over to the EAS lounge by Jess and Josh. They were immediately inaugurated by being sat on by language students. Ben and Xue-Rong also came and helped sort through boxes and boxes of Cold War era material (primary sources anyone?) left behind by EAS grads and retired professors (including Sam Noumoff).  With this, stage one of the three-year lounge renovation plan was completed.

18th February: McGill’s Film Society screened Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Good Men, Good Women (1995) in the Cultural Studies screening room at 3475 Peel.

20th February: Xue-Rong began to host bi-monthly Mahjong games at the “Centre for East Asian Research,” a.k.a. Room 302 of 3434 McTavish.

3rd March: EASSA hosted another waffle sale in McConnell engineering to raise money for Orientations Vol. 8.

6th March: EASSA hosted a meeting of U3 Honours students to discuss the thesis-writing process. Prof. Furuhata brought tea and cookies, both of which were delicious.

15th March: EASSA co-hosted a pub night (“Bar des Arts”) in the AUS lounge with the Caribbean, Latin American and Hispanic Studies Students’ Association; the Middle East Studies Students’ Association; and the Canadian Studies Association of Undergraduate Students.

25th March: McGill’s Film Society screened Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo (1961), also in the Cultural Studies screening room.

27th March: Dumpling-making lessons c/o Xue-Rong in the Midnight Kitchen (in the Shatner/SSMU building) were a huge success! Thanks to all those who came or lent their cooking equipment.

30th March & 6th April: EASSA waffle/bakesales in Leacock brought in over a hundred dollars each again in support of Orientations Vol. 8.

6th-9th April: EAS t-shirts for sale!!!


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